Friday, June 24, 2011

I was recently awarded a Better Bricks Award in the Architect category for our firm's work on projects that implement high performance design strategies on new and renovated buildings. My philosophy in working with clients has for quite awhile been that sustainable strategies implemented in buildings should have a payback for investment in energy efficiency within the life of the particular system, loan term of the building or occupancy term of the tenant or owner. A number of years ago I came across an article by a gentleman named Scott D. Johnson, Ph.D., formerly with CH2M Hill titled, "The Economic Case for High Performance Buildings". This article instilled confidence in me and my work with clients that high performance buildings could be good for the planet and the owner's pocketbook. While it is sometimes still challenging to convince owners that some of these strategies are worthwhile, with energy modeling we have implemented sustainable solutions into projects that we were previously not able to convince people of. The press in recent years and increased code requirements for efficiency are obviously helping this effort, but using this concept of buildings being green in both environmental and economic terms has helped our firm convince more people of these strategies.

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